Michael Tolkien
My verse narrative, Rainbow, available from Union Bridge Books,   Barnes & Noble and Amazon is based on a now forgotten children's fantasy by Florence Bone: The Other Side of The Rainbow (1910)

I have adapted its themes, characters and journey into a world beyond, which is not whimsical and wayward but consistently conceived as an extension of everyday experience, and I have added in 'consistent' ingredients of my own to make this a more serious exploration of the gift of wonder, the power of selfless love to make lasting changes, deceptive appearances, and the energies of the living world. Grace's unpredictable and often 'diverted' travels towards the mythical havens of Rainbow Garden, Bridge and Palace become a kind of 'pilgrim's progress.' A child's experiences are fictionalised but unlike the source story this is not primarily for children even though they might well enjoy having it read to them.

I am most fortunate to have an illustrator who responds to the 'timeless' spirit of the tale, its graceful figures of authority, shifting landscapes and emphasis on the subtle impressions of plant life. Maureen Ward has  produced many impressive ideas for plates and inserts.
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Rainbow Garden


Orchard & Beehives

Dream Peddler

Industrious Insects